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Here at Home of Pets we pride ourselves in being able to bring you the most adorable pet images, provide the opportunity to find new pet products and the chance to win prizes through our pet orientated competitions, all on the one website. From having experience owning pets, we are aware of the paw-some, ruff and barking mad moments that come from living with these unpredictable pets, which is why we want to use our website as a platform to appreciate each and every one. #pet-tential


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The website is for pet owners who want to spoil their pets with some of the best pet gifts and products available on the internet.

Are you proud of your pooch, or crazy about your cat?

Does your furry friend fill your heart with joy and make your life a happy place?

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We are mad about pets, and know there are millions of pet lovers around the world who share our love of all things animal.

We hope you enjoy the site, and get as much pleasure from using it, as we have had creating it.

Have a ‘purrfect’ day, let us help you get over the ‘ruff’ times in your daily life with a little pet therapy.